Wednesday, May 11, 2011

...And Your Dirty Draws!

Hmm. So I wonder. Is this a question for Self?

OK, here's the deal. A few days ago I was textin' with a friend trying to crack his brain for ideas on blog posts. Writer's blog had set in and I wanted to do something humorous, refreshing, and interesting. The Axe, in Ian's humble opinion gets a bit dry most of time.

So my dear and cherished friend suggests I write about how much I miss him. Really???? (Catch-phrase of incredulity he ALWAYS seems to over emphasize...God Help me I'm doing it now!) Uh-huh. I text back him "Why?" His response?

"Because you love me and my dirty draws!"

Lord Jesus above! OK, let's examine this. Until I met my friend and his crew, I honestly never heard this expression. Never. Think about to long and it just seems bizarre. Oh understand the meaning behind it, but really?!?!

Maybe it's just me, but I just a tad put off by the expression. Even though it's become a part of my everyday lexicon in dealing with my l'il brother, yuck! Hahaha. Personally, I think this just reinforces my bruh's underwear fetish, but that's a whole 'nutha blog post entirely.... LOL. Of course I would never throw stones. I live in that same glass house.

Moral of the story? Yeah, my friend has been one of the best. Just the laundry detergent handy please cause I don't love you THAT much, dammit!

Big Little Bro

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