Friday, May 13, 2011

His Junk Wasn't Enuff For Her

It's funny sometimes how people react to situations. A friend of mine was relaying the other day she had met a guy at the gym, they went out for a few drinks, had a few good laughs, all in all a nice evening. No sex. Just an old fashion date. After the date, the called her, wished her good night, and that was that.

The next morning my friend says she awoke with a text from the dude with a picture of his penis. She was furious! "Oh my God! I can't believe he had the audacity to text me his penis! What kind of woman does he think I am?!?!" The end result is never talked to the guy again.

Now I don't think it was wrong that my friend stop talking to dude, but I found it a bit humorous too. I mean, we are in the 21st century and that seems to be the norm with sexting and sending snapshots of body parts. I admit I've done it once or twice myself, not on the regular, but hey it happens... I was curious if my friend's reaction is because she's from another culture (she's originally from old world Europe) or if she just has more sensibility than most folk? I mean look at all these celebs getting into mess and embarrassing sitches with pix of their junk being released on the Internet. It's something to ponder....

As for the piece? Yes she showed it to me. It's not the pix above, but it was s0-s0, nothing to write home about, but I wouldn't have complained. LOL.

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Pharaoh said...

Even if sexting is becoming common places...a person has to be mindful of about how you do it. He might should not have started so "in your face" with his piece. He could have test the waters with a simple g-rated pic to see how she responded...and then moved up the scale. then She might not have been so offended. However I commend her for cutting him loose rather then sending him a pic of her vahjay-jay!


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