Sunday, May 1, 2011


Been a few thoughts ratting around in the grey matter that I haven't commented upon. Here's a rewind of some moments catching my attention this past week.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three Finale: First off, congrats to Raja...don't want it to seem like I'm sore loser cause I was a supporter of Team Alexis and Team Manila. That said, why the FRAK did I waste my time this season???? I knew from the FIRST episode Raja was probably going to win! Even though she worked my nerves at times, I grew to love Manila. By the Final three, I knew poor Alexis would be first to go, so I threw hope behind Manila. Alas...

The Weather/Tornadoes: OK? What in Samhain is going on? I'm not one to hit the panic button, but the last few weeks of Tornado activity has been just down right scary. Tornadoes hitting St. Louis' Airport, Tornadoes flattening entire towns in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia... What the Hell?!?! Even PA wanted to horn in on the horrible weather. Two confirmed twisted rolled through my area on Thursday. Trees were down, flooding galore from the torrential rain, the Susquehanna way past looking menacing....Ugh! Getting to work, which normally is a 20 minute commute, took over an hour. Suffice to say our area wasn't as bad as the South, my point is why is Mother Nature tearing like a woman scorned? She's pissed!

Obama and his birth certificate: You know? Really? Why was this necessary? Honestly, Trump and the rest of the Birthers needed to go over this issue long ago. How commendable that on 44's part to put up with it this long. Mind you, I was one of those who really felt our president showing his birth certificate was so unnecessary. Officials and Reps from Hawaii time and time again gave the proof required to show his birth as US citizen. Yet, Trump and cronies just weren't satisfied. Lord! Donald just go get a haircut and leave us alone already!!! Why hasn't anyone mentioned HIPPA in all this? But I guess the highest citizen in the land isn't entitled to privacy. In any case, 44 showed 'em the long form.

The Royal Wedding: Is it done yet? I know I was one of the ones way back when to watch Charles and Diana, but I have no, none what-so-ever, interest in William and Kate. That's saying something cause usually anything British, and I'm so there. Dunno. Maybe cause Wills and Harry did a flip flop in the cuteness factor? Harry has gotten more over the years....Yeah he looked good standing next to his brother in West Minster. OK, I peeked at the highlights! I didn't watch it Friday morning though.

Superman's Citizenship: Are people really reacting over a comic book character renouncing U.S. citizenship? Really? C'mon people, it's a work of fiction! Get with the program. Let's worry about the frakkin' economy instead a make believe character written for children.

Doctor Who Series 6: After seeing part two of the season opener, I'm completely disillusioned with Who. What complete garbage! Both episodes seemed rushed and loosely tied. I do realize the point to Who has never to wrap things up in a tidy package, but these episode had too many plot whole. And can anyone explain the Silence to me? Um, the Doctor's been visiting Earth for hundreds of years and this is his first encounter? Oh yeah, you forget them when they're outta sight. I get it, outta sight, outta mind. Uh no...

This was perhaps one of the worst Doctor Who episodes to date. I don't know if I was more frustrated with BBC America's commercial interruptions or trying to understand a hastily written story. I've been watching the show since the 70s. I've long said the problem with the new incarnation of Who is it needs to go back to its root. Go back the Tom Baker era telling of story arc. Any one Remember the Invasion of Time? Now that was a story arc for the ages.... Ugh! Moffett, please turn this show around. It needs H-E-L-P. If need be, bring back some the older characters, while keeping the zest and underlying promise. Matt Smith are times shows incredible spark.

Despite my critiques, I'm still intrigued by the Doctor and River's relationship. The show is giving us the truth piece meal, but I think I've worked through the red herrings and alleged theorist on who exact River is. I might be important to not the child from the Season opener. Who was she? Why did Amy react they ways she did in child's room at the Ophanage? What was the real reason Amy told the Doctor she was pregnant and not Rory? Might point out the plot gap...HOW THE HELL DID SHE DISCOVER SHE WAS PREGNANT???

Skipping my rant, I do have speculations who the child trapped in the Apollo 11 suit was. Deconstruct the episode, piece all you know so far about River, and it all makes sense. Had to go back and re-watch River's introduction to the Doctor while he was in his David Tenant incarnation.... Oh I won't spoil it, but I would be très surprised if my theory was wrong...

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Pharaoh said...

I am only responding at this because it is a perfect opportunity to rub it in your face...BBC America doesn't always have better plot/story lines as you try to convince me of that flawed statement when it comes to the "Being Human" series. :-p


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