Thursday, March 17, 2011

Momentary Update

Things have been pretty busy lately and I'm just catching a minute to post. Whew! I'm excited for all good changes going on lately. Things are taking a positive turn and I'm amazed at how quickly. I supposed its true that with the right attitude you CAN accomplish anything. Onward, forward with the momentum.

So last weekend I met up with a friend in Philly who gave some focus to sharpen insight on my strategy even further. Since that convo, I've been using his advice to my advantage with some instance results. I like this feelin'. My side job is starting to fall into place with the training, even the main job is calming down and becoming tolerable... THANK YOU JESUS!!! Now if I can bottle this for a few weeks until I can keep this without external coaching, I'll be aiiight....

That's all for now.

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