Friday, March 11, 2011

Something To Take Notice...

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach California. Political unrest in various places through out the world. Hell, strife and turmoil in our own country... It just makes me stop and wonder.

Tuesday on my way to work, I saw a man standing on the corner holding a sign proclaim that Judgment Day was on May 21, 2011. Now I had heard and seen this earlier this year when a theologian I used to listen made this announcement. At the time I mulled it over and didn't discount it, but didn't give it much credence either. Now after events of the last couple of days...Hm? I'm jus' saying.

I suppose anyone can make certain events fit into Biblical prophesy, but as a non-believer in coincidence, well when those birds fell out the sky in the Midwest I took notice. When the fish washed up dead in Maryland, I paid attention even further. Now they say in the last days there'll be many signs and wonders. I dunno. I never paid enough attention to this stuff.

Just pondering. For anyone reading, what are your thoughts?

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