Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Resolve? Just Procrastinate!

So I'm sitting here, indecisive as ever, wrestling with which ticket to purchase for my trip. I think by now I'd be used to the whole flying process. I've already decide to go through the scanners, I mean really if they that desperate to see my fatness, go on. When did flying because such an ordeal though? I wish my next trip was more pleasure, less business, but in the end if it brings me money...a little inconvenience will be worth it.

Sitting at my desk this afternoon, I stared at the window, internal strife raging. One situation, I was grateful that at the eleventh hour last month we got the reprieve from lay-offs in my department. The other hemisphere was cursing the day I set foot in that office and wishing I could make a break for it and run from the Plantation, head north to freedom, like other before... ::sigh:: Yeah I know I need to be grateful I have a job. Midlife crisis wander lust is setting in again. Maybe it's the January Blues taking root, but everywhere I look, I see room for improvement. Just bored with situations as normal, you know?

The other tasks at hand is attempting get back on the wagon with losing weight and quitting smoking. I quit cold turkey New Year's Day with the cigs. Don't know how much longer my will power is gonna last with that. My natural inclination is to turn to food, but then I keeping about flying and Lord know I don't wanna be like Kevin Smith and his sitch with Southwest Air. LOL. I laugh, but dude, seriously. Ian has packed on some pounds over the holidays. It ain't cute. I might resort to some drastic measures here in minute. Anybody remember Tammy, circa The Real World: Los Angeles 1992? When when she wired her mouth shut just to lose weight? Hm, that's an option, heh.

All kidding a side. I'm tempting to start a health journal, but the humiliation of it all... would that work? Shame can be a powerful motivator. Who knows? But I'll be 41 in less than two months, so I need to take my life seriously. Stop procrastinating and act like life is the real deal. After all, I only got one chance....

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