Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dice Roll/Crap Shoot

Been gone for a bit, sorry. I had to step away to take care of personal matters. Now, at the behest of our good brother Wonder Man, I'm just throwing a word or two on the spot. Its snowing, or so I'm told. I've been able to escape the cold of Old Man Winter for a few days and am relaxing in the delusion of a desert oasis... Yep, I'm in Vegas! It's OK so far, chillin, ready to commit fratricide at some moments (LOL) but you know it be when you're cooped too long. Stooopid shizz gets said. People work your nerves. You work their damn nerves. Yet time its all said and done you wouldn't change a thing.

Anyhoo nobody told me Vegas encourage escapism. Not in the wanna move here way, but in I need to take chance on Life. Hm. The soup is being stirred. Wonder what happens next?

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