Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whiskey Sour

When the world around you tends to be just a little more glamorous, a bit more zealous, sometimes its hard not to stand in envy those who have. Sitting at bar, listening to friends and associates dish the t and ki-ki about all things, I'm intrigued by their spirit and freedom. I have a tendency to be shy and not so outspoken so I love being around people who aren't afraid to express opinion without reservation or concern. Maybe I'm just feeling social envy. Yeah call it that. The ugly duck in the pack of beautiful swans. Someday though, with a little effort, a little challenge, perhaps I'll be in that freedom zone. Or maybe I'll just grow old enough that I won't care....

Much waxing philosophic lately, eh? This place make me feel very alone in a crowd.

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