Saturday, January 29, 2011

House Blend

By my own unusual nature, I tend ti be shy in new situations. Las Vegas is nit the city ti hold back one's nature. As the saying goes "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But does it really? Um no. I'm texting this sitting outside some club, a bit snookered, waiting for my friends to finish getting their party on. I've had my fill of loud music, crowded, dance floors, and smokey arena. I have two left feet and am utterly embarrassed I can't move my body with any sense of dance rhythm in existence. Going to a club is a preposterous event. I get too self-conscious, so I tend just drink.

What am I learning from my trip so far? Hm. I've met myself. Confronted the Buddha and wrestled with dearly beloved...figuratively speaking. In a world where life occasionally demands order, mine is lacking. This afternoon I received encouraging words to reach within and grasp talents I know exist, eschew uncertainty, and leave behind fear. So indeed, what I leave behind, what stays in Vegas, would be a good thing would it not? Life is perplexing.

The road ahead is long but not unmanageable. I'm going to be retooling to person I am and reshaping. Or all this just intoxicated ramble? Naw. My head is clearing and I've been feeling like this for a few days. This is the new beginning. A brand new tune. House blend even I can dance to.

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