Friday, June 4, 2010


Yesterday was a real shitty day. Period. I don't want to rehash the details but it was a day just to try my patience and push me to my limits. This morning I've woken up with a knot in my stomach and a heavy, heavy heart. I need to deal with the residual but am not sure how to proceed without making the situation further complication. It's one of those deals where I need to best leave well enough alone, but know who I am, I can't or won't.

I'm going to sleep on things, write it out, then ceremonially burn it so I release it to the Universe to deal with. One thing is for sure, I learned a valuable lesson from one situation. Sometime when someone hurts you, hurts you bad enough, you just need to live with that pain awhile. I had a terrible argument with a friend that I'm mulling over yet this morning. Supposedly we kissed and made up, but my friend really said something hurtful and deep to central issues, I wanna pop them in the mouth for it! Of course, I can't say I'm entirely blameless because I might have antagonized the sitch to a degree. My intent was to make my friend laugh and instead they got frustrated and upset. Words were exchanged. Apologies exchanged. But the jabs and undercurrent still existed. Hm.

The sad thing about it is if I approach or say anything to my friend, it will change the nature of our friendship, which might not be a bad thing. At the same token, I enjoy the status quo. I need to think on this a little more before I proceed. The biggest question is this, God, when and why did I become so damn dramatic? LOL.

I'll deal with this.

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