Friday, August 22, 2008

On Your Ps and Qs

Hey people! What you know good?

I'm up at this ungodly hour because I have a busy Friday scheduled and not enough hours to complete all my tasks, errands, and whatnot.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but to be honest I didn't have anything worthy of posting. I know I promised Corey to give details of my latest man drama with Napoleon, but you know, I've reached the point where I bless what was, send him on his way, and pray I can continue on my proper path.

Forgiveness is more about the forgiver than the forgiven, ya know?

Most of my days lately have been trying to keep my health up and prep myself for the next round in my healing process. New treatments start next month, which means a new round of PT, MRIs, blood work, and a menagerie of other tests. Oh boy.

At least I can report to you both the nurse and med tech helping with the next bout are deliciously handsome. One guy (let's call him Gemini for future reference) has a cocoa butter brown complexion with the dreamiest brown eyes (the tech specialist) and the other (We'll call him Maxwell) has a dark mahogany skin tone with dreads (my weakness)! To boot, Maxwell has a slight accent I can't quite place my finger on. It's not Caribbean or African. I really don't care! Both are really what the doctor ordered, LOL.

Yeah, I'm being a slut-puppy. At least I've motivation to get over to my appointments. While I joke about this next go-round, the treatment is going to be intense and radical. I'll be going 3-4 times a week with the average appointment lasting three hours. Ya! It's gonna be so much (sarcasm) fun! But I praise God, because at least I'm here. The alternative could be so much worse! So if I'm looking forward to going to the hospital if for nothing else to get my sleaze-on, at least I'm getting healthy while I'm at it! Hahaha!

The next stage in the healing game may kick my ass and I'd be remiss to say I'm not a little frightened. I'm terrified actually. While I don't go into the specifics of my health condition on the blog, a few of you know what's going on. If you think of it, I'd ask for the prayers and support. If all goes well, one surgery my docs thought necessary may be determined unnecessary. IF this next treatment goes well. I'm down with that.

Going to church has been a tremendous blessing. Last weekend, Hester and I got our praise-on in God's House then went to dinner at the Manna Cafe afterwards. It's a soul food joint run by a local alumni chapter of Omega Psi Phi. The food is out of this world and would challenge my own cooking. It's food like your grandmother used to make on Sundays and high holidays!

Proceeds the Q's earn go to a worthy cause; reinvestment in the community. The Omega brothers get young boys from the neighborhood as servers and teach 'em skills and put on a path towards positive success. Usually the boys are high school age, but I've been there with a few junior high school age kids. From what I hear, most of the kids end up in college or some kinda post secondary school education. (Terrific work gentlemen!)

Anyway keep me in your thoughts boys. I'm gonna need all the prayer and positive energy I can get...

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Anonymous said...

And here I am bitching about all of my dating woes and terrible jobs!

I think you are so brave in the way you are handling what it is you are going through. Keep the faith and keep that positive energy circulating. You are going to be healed!

Take care luv!


I never want to go to another hospital, however, do those nurses and med techs make house calls?


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