Friday, August 8, 2008

Chicago 2016!

I am a self-professed Olympics junkie, I confess it! With the exception to the 1980 Moscow Games, I've consistently watched each Summer Olympic Games since 1976 and plan on watching part of the Beijing Games, despite the controversy.

The Olympics' heyday may've passed, given all the scandals involving doping and such, but I have to admit I find myself always enamored with the Summer Olympics!

My goal is to make it to the 2012 Games, Lord willing. Doubtful the Olympics will hit the States in time soon again, but I'm praying Chicago gets the 2016 Games. I'd settle for Rio though. Two reasons.

First, the Olympics have never been held in an African or South American country (Mexico's 1968 venue doesn't count because it's still North America despite certain attempts to divorce it from our continent. Shame on you if you think otherwise!) Second, I'd give me an excuse to visit my buddy who recently moved back home to his native Brazil.

New York, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC definitely should put a bid in for the 2020 Games if Chicago loses out for 2016. The IOC makes their decision next year. Maybe if Obama wins the Presidency, Chicago might stand a decent chance.

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Darius T. Williams said...

yea, the buzz here is amazing...everyone is hoping Chicago gets the bid.


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