Friday, August 22, 2008

Kid Cali in Tejas Kountry

Geez man. It's harder than Hell to keep up with some of your favorite ball players once they move out west. Hadn't heard anything on Wolfy in a while so I went to check out the San Diego MLB site and he wasn't. Was well aware Randy got sent from the Dodgers to the Padres at the beginning of the 2008 season. I'd assumed he'd still be throwing for the club. Wrong!

After some Google searching, I found my favorite Southpaw is pitching for the Houston Astros.

The Astros? Yup, the Astros. Now I've never been to Texas, but I can't imagine a California boy living in landlocked Texas. Not knocking Texas, I'm sure it's a fine state, but I know how different the Keystone State is for folks from the Californian Republic.

Houston, huh? Maybe after this season, Wolfy will be finished with his wanderlust and come on back to Philly. I'm sure they'd have him back.

Hope Wolfy's 32nd birthday was well spent!


Anonymous said...

Dark, dont start. If you wuz here, you'd know, aint nothin' wrong with Texas. Or the 'Stros, cept theyz sorry this year. But I aint heard tell of this boi. And is that red hair! Aw hell naw!! And you know he got a bubble to get a fool in trouble. Where he at!? Where he at I say!?!?!


lata cat

ya boy in Texas (missn' his "french fry").

Darktomahawk said...

Au contraire, my sexy "anonymous" friend (LOL, like my Parlez-vous Francais, m'sieur?)...I've heard nothing but fine things about The Lone Star state (with the exception that "W" is from there).

My analysis is that for someone from California, used to beaches and palm trees, I can't imagine a relocation to your state. I'm a water sign myself, so I always need to be near some body of water, preferably within 2 hours of the ocean....

You caught me "red-handed." One of my weaknesses is men with red hair. No disrespect to our brothers. Sometimes you want chocolate, others you want vanilla. Then again, sometimes you want strawberry....LOL.

I'll holla at ya in email later this weekend bro. Mr. "Anonymous" indeed...

Anonymous said...

dont forget, my freind, we've got much in common. water signs, melon rhines, garlic wings, and pine-o-pine. and hey, i'm frum the west coast too. san d., to tell the truth. and yeah that red is all fuss, but it bubble b's that drive me nuts. like that on my guy frency fry. now hush my mouf,or i'm gone cry.

Darktomahawk said...

Love me some California men, they make me hot, LOL....


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