Saturday, August 23, 2008

Choice Made And Announced

I'd just gotten off to sleep this morning when the Text Message finally came through. It was no surprise because T and I stayed up late watching CNN most of the evening. After awhile, a two year old coulda guessed Barack had chosen Joe Biden. Was it really worth all he hype? I'm not sure.

Political pundits are either applauding Senator Obama's choice or reinforcing the notion bruh is not ready for the Oval Office. This subject is rather trite. Was "W" any more prepared? I mean, George Bush, Jr failed at mostly every venture he entered into and he achieved the Presidency. John McCain is out of touch with reality, but all those folks think he'll do such a wonderful job. Why not give a new kid on the block, like Barack Obama, a chance to prove himself?

As the months draw closer to the November election, my optimism is waning Obama will win. As out of touch as McCain may be, the 2004 election proves people will often chose incompetence over real promise for change. While I don't think John Kerry was the best choice for president, damn, he woulda been better than another four year Bush term.

Critics are out to get Obama by any means necessary. Fuddrucker folks, fuddrucker. Let the new blood make an effort. He can't do any worse than 8 years of the Bush Administration. Sure Obama may not be adept on foreign policies, but isn't that why he chose a running mate like Biden? Someone who knows his stuff; a running mate who brings to the table not only experience, but knowledge. Listening to how Biden has not missed a day of teaching ever, takes the Amtrak to work every day, owns one home, he seems more in touch with the common man than other political offerings. Perhaps this was the best solution. Now my only hope is Barack might coax Condi over from the Dark Side of the Force. There's still hope.

"Good, in her, I sense. Still time, there is for her." Condoleeza Rice obviously is hyped about Barack being the first real potential African American Presidential hopeful. Her interviews have shown her pride. IF Colin Powell can bail on the Bushes, if Joe Lieberman can go turncoat on the Democratic Party, why not "Kinda-sleazy?" While she has much ground to make up for kowtowing to the Bush Administration, her service to an Obama Administration would be further respected and admirable.

So how about it Dr. Rice???


Anonymous said...

Let's dissect the real reason the "inexperience" crowd keeps invoking the word. I think "inexperience" in this sense means...We don't want a black man as our president, no matter how qualified.

As it is I am glad he avoided Hillary. He definitely did himself a favor. That would have been her moment to sabotage his presidential bid. That woman is that fanatical.

Darius T. Williams said...

You know - I'm not sure if he made a good choice or not. Actually, some people hate it. Others love it. I think what's interesting is that Obama has built his trust factor and I think relying on that at this point is important.


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