Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Separated At Birth?

Jason Castro and Jar Jar Binks!

OK, I'll probably get a little flack from folks on this one. I just thought this was humorous. Jason seems like a nice young man. I didn't comment on American Idol because I missed some of the performances, including Jason's.

At this point there are only four contestants who really bug me, Romiele, Brook, Kristy Lee, & Carly. Doing a little forecasting, I think final four might get down to Michael Johns, David Cook, David Archuleta, and maybe Syesha.

I wonder who'll be voted off tonight? I hate to speculate, but the person I want to go won't because of song choice, so at this time, I'm (unfortunately) predicting Chikezie will be voted off. My bottom three prediction are Chikizie, Carly, and Romiele.

Stay tuned tonight for the results! Eek!

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