Monday, March 31, 2008

Dancin' With Jason & Hangin' With Friends

For a while now, I've noticed there have been many hits on a post i did a while back on Jason Taylor from the Miami Dolphins. I didn't pay much attention until it seemed there were consistent hits and searches for him. "Hmm." I wondered to myself. "Why the sudden interest in JT?"

Of course then it hit me! Jason is a contestant this season on Dancin' With The Stars. Of course! Mind you, DWTS is not one of my regular reality TV shows I watch, so I was a bit oblivious why everyone was coming from Google. Now that I understand, I'm a firm believer in supply and demand. Give people what they want when you can.

So after digging through my photos floatin' on my hard drive, here are some more pictures of this masculine stud.

, this will suffice for a Famous Men Monday blog post, plenty to wet your whistle, and satisfy all the Google searchers wantin' more, more, more of Über-sexy Jason Taylor!

As far as my attempt to see Barack Obama yesterday, all my endeavors failed and I didn't get to see him. Nonetheless, my weekend was enjoyable. Hester and I trek to Lancaster to meet up with our pal, henceforth dubbed with the moniker "Dragon Lady" (we mean that in the sincerest way, because she is strong, yet fierce, like a dragon). We went to dinner at TGI Friday' s, shopped at Border's, Gertrude Hawk, William Sonoma, and a few other joints. We sat down eventually, gabbed about old times, and caught up on current events.

Course Hester, DL, and I also did some serious man-watchin' while at the mall! We're all in our late 302, but we ain't dead! Heh hef! There was this phiiiine (I mean like fine like men I post on the Axe) lookin' cocoa brown complexion bruh who had all three our jowls droppin' to da floor and droolin'...

And let me ask this now, is there some prerequisite all young gay men under 30 must wear their pants spray-painted on? One Puerto Rican stud I caught myself geekin' at had my own crotch in discomfort from watching him attempt to walk in ultra tight jeans. Damn! Talk about displayin' da goods. He certainly left nothing to the imagination. Gotta admit though, his shit must have been really cramped. LOL

After our goodbyes, I headed back to Hester's to watch movies from Comcast On Demand. Both of us enjoy watching terrible 80s movies deconstructing and ripping them apart for bad acting, plot, dialog, and synthesizer music. Film so convoluted, you can't classify them as B-movies, they're more like K-movies! Cinematic efforts like RoboCop, He-Man & The Masters of the Universe (starring Dolph Lundgren), and Mad Max come to mind.

Speaking of bad 80s movies, check out the new blog Hester and I share, The Bitches Council. Hester did a post on Solarbabies, the movie we watched last night. I daresay it isn't a cinematic masterpiece, but is worth the laugh. To put it like a review we read on Amazon, "It's the funniest movie you'll ever see. Not funny as in 'ha ha,' but funny as in retarded!" We pissed ourselves from laughing, point out the awful stereotypes, and attempting to piece together the most disconnected plot ever written.

The Bitches Council is mostly going to be Hester's blog, but I'll make an appearance here and there to throw in my two cents. More like $0.50 rather, with the current undeclared Recession, but I digress.

Anyway, that's all I have to report for now. Check below for your Jason Taylor fix. Hope all is well wherever you all are. Be Blessed.

"That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!"

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