Sunday, June 24, 2007

What We Welcome Into Being...

So today was the first time since I've returned from the Caribbean I've seen Napoleon. Sure I've talked to him on the phone, but being close in his physical presence is a different story. Driving down with his mother to his home he shares with a couple other guys, I was able to meet his roommates. One in particular, "Dudley," caught my eye. I've spoke to Dudley once or twice and thought nothing of it. Well! Mister was not what I expected.

I had a feeling that he was gay and recognized the crush he has on Naps. It didn't bother me, but a part of me feels like I should warm him about Napoleon's selfish nature. I just might have to keep my eye on him. Dudley is a stocky, Latino boy, ruggedly handsome with stunning blue eyes, and charming to a fault. I see why he gets along with my Naps, he's a total Bull Shit artist just like Naps. Curious, I asked Naps if he was at all interested in Dudley, but of course he said no. In fact, Napoleon thinks Dudley is quite unattractive. Crazy boy! Go figure, Naps is till stuck on the image of beauty and that thin equates acceptable. This irritates me to no avail. I've argued it time and time again with him, but talking to brick wall would be more convincing and understanding.

Dudley is a solid shaped guy., not fat or pouchy, but what some folks call "big-boned." His body type reminds me of someone who wrestled or played football. My best estimation on weight would be anywhere from 175 to 200 lbs, which isn't fat to me. With an ax to grind, I mentioned to Naps I was interested, which I know annoyed an pissed him off. See he likes to string me along that way. Slick bastard, LOL. I say that with no malice. I know how my friend Mr Napoleon can be. Had his mother not been then, I would have read him the riot act quite nicely. As it stands, Naps always wants his cake and to eat it too. The boy is spoiled, but I love him.

He broke up with Linus but pressure me every moment to find out if I had any information or had been in contact with him. I'm not Linus's keeper, I don't keep tabs on his comings and goings. I can't stand the bastard. Chalk all this up to Napoleon's age. Younger men, in my experience want it all, want to rewrite the world and need the most reassurance. Give him a couple more years to mature. Napoleon won't entirely let Linus go because they had a five year relationship and I guess, no matter how dysfunctional the relationship, Napoleon needs his safety net.

Still Naps is most infuriating. I managed to get through the visit with out blowing my composure and killing him. My feelings have changed for him and yet they haven't When I don't have much contact I feel the noose loosen, when I with him, I'm grasping for air. There is much need to get over this man-child, pronto-quick, LOL!

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