Friday, June 8, 2007

Isaiah Washington Gets the Boot!

So getting ready for work this morning I heard that ABC has decided not to renewed Isaiah's contract next season for Grey's Anatomy. The issue has a doesn't well with me and I find myself trying to understand why.

While I don't condone what Isaiah said about TR Knight, I feel in some ways, as a black man, he was given his fair chance to make amends. People are comparing this issue to if a white person uttered the "n" word, which seems not to be in the same league. It makes me sympathetic in some degree to why whites and other ethnic groups feel about acceptance the "n" word usage in the African American community. The GLBT community has many people who use the word "faggot" all the time. I have to admit I use it from time to time and not always in a loving manor. So what's right?

I think Isaiah definitely needed to learn a lesson and I don't think his "rehabilitation" had anything to do with contrition, but was a desperate attempt to save his job. Still I find myself struggling to accept his termination from the show. Grant it, I hated Dr. Burke's character, but I can't help but recall many countless times similar situation have occurred where people were given a second chance. Now I won't decry racism. We do live in the 21st century after all and words like "faggot, nigger, WOP, kike, Spic, etc." should be removed from our vocabulary. We should be living on the higher moral ground. But to err is human, to forgive Divine.

I wonder how GLAAD and other gay rights groups will respond? More importantly, I wonder how the African American community will respond? How does the same gender loving African American community feel? Do they feel as divided as I do? Overall though, I hope this has brought a resolution to the whole debacle although I don't think we've heard the last to it yet.

My thoughts also go out to TR Knight. TR is on the cover of this month's Advocate celebrating Pride Month. I applaud their selection and personally think, in humble opinion, TR Knight is adorable. There's some about him that makes me sympathetic and very understanding How he handled this situation was very courageous and ADULT. He didn't lash out. He didn't get into a "He said this-He said that" situation. He continued to go about his business, like a professional. Sure he went on to Ellen and did some interviews, but that was his right. I have strong opinions about people who are forced out of the closet involuntarily. Yet TR Knight took it on the chin and was able to keep his head held high. I admire him. One thing I've noticed about TR, is rarely do you see photos of him smiling. His eyes convey volumes of inner turmoil, hurt, loneliness, perhaps even shame. His reserved nature gives an air of mysteriousness, indicating he's struggled in his life. After reading the Advocate, I respect him even more.

As far as Isaiah is concerned, he has the sympathetic side from me only in the fact we are both black men and black men almost never get a fair deal in this country. He and asshole Tim Hardaway (Remember that whole mess?!?!?!) need to learn to respect others and themselves before opening their mouths. What's the old saying, open mouth, insert foot. Both will reap negative consequences from their follies for a while. People are keeping score and their memories are long....

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