Monday, June 18, 2007

Ecce Homo Et Homo Athleticus

I needed a little visual inspiration. I haven't done a "Famous Men Monday" post in a while so here's a small sampling of what I think looks good in the world of athletics celebrity. I might catch some flack or two with my selections based on the some of the personalities, namely T.O, but hell, you have to admit he has a nice body underneath that football uniform. That man has a hard, masculine body, and despite what anyone thinks of him, dude is PHIIIIINNEE!

Rediscovering Apolo Anton Ohno this year from Dancing With The Stars was a pleasant surprise. I remember him from the Torino, Italy Winter Olympics back in 2004. Such a hot guy. He has grace and beauty. I have a thing for guys with mixed ethnic backgrounds. Now please don't think I'm one of those guys who is just into a guy because of his "exotic" ethnicity. Please no. I like men period. Men from all backgrounds and walks of life. Represented here are African American, Polynesian, Asian, Latino, and Multiracial (African-Caucasian American) men. I try not to get caught up into the color spectrum. Skin color doesn't matter!

Now before anything thinks I'm dissin' my own ethnic brothers...Hmm, I feel someone out there is yelling at me cause I don't always post much chocolate men. Oh don't worry, there's more coming hard drive is full of black men photographs. I'll just have to round up another batch and do a "Beautiful Black Men" or "Sexy Black Men" blog later in the week. I promise, LOL!

On a semi-serious note, I have to admit when it comes to sports, there are only three sporting events I can REALLY watch and enjoy without getting caught up in the physical dynamic of men's bodies; basketball, baseball, and tennis. Its funny though because in saying that, I posted today pictures of James Blake (tennis) and Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez (baseball)! Well damn, yeah I have to admit baseball players by far have the best looking bodies. OK, I peek every now and again between those RBIs and perfect catches.

As for everything else I watch in the sports panorama, forget it! There's too much distraction. Football is fun to watch, but those asses and shoulder pads easily knock me off my game. I sincerely hate watching football with my straight friends because after awhile the inner queer sets loose and eventually I'll say something inappropriate for mixed, straight guy/queer guy, company. See that's why I enjoy watching sports with Lady Miss T, we can drool together and be aware of the game. No repercussions over sexual ogling. Thank Goodness for exes who understand their homo exes and aren't petty about it!

Wrestling, swimming, track and field: there's just too much package on display! Oh silly boy! You got too much jiggling and wiggling going on! Naw, I refuse to be the one who reinforces the stereotype all gays are only about the hot men. Still though...the sheer magnitude of watching a well defined body in motion is a powerful epiphany. Whew!

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