Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Damocles & The Sword Hath Fallen

And I have suffered in ways I never knew I could,
and at this moment when my heart is breaking,
watching your fall about to take place,
where there's nothing I can do to stop it,
I cling to they drama and intensity,
wanting to hold you even more than I should

The day is coming,
coming real soon,
when adversity will be upon your door,
and ne'er more will things be the same,
perhaps on a day like today almost noon,
the word will be spoken,
and in a heartbeat,
lives will be transformed

With every ounce of foreboding and dread,
tonight I wish I were dead
I cannot fathom how this pain will push us further apart,
taking moments of fun from my hands,
the blade will be swift,
the stains will not be in blood or tears,
but in residue of metal,
found only in the darkest of places

And on a street where the cyclops roams,
he'll search to reclaim his bounty,
to mend his undoing,
all the while taking strife and wanting escape,
and I,
the lone Ozymandias,
will witness demise of so many hopes and dreams

O sojourn to escape
the pain that bounds me,
to keep the secret,
yet in absence of truth
will that wrought day be more painful?
Will he know how I hold him dear?
Will he forget pastures and keep to newly brighter paths,
or is destiny a faith unbreakable?

O God bid me strength,
bind my words,
guide my deeds,
loose not my tongue on folly,
and let Your blessing pray thee upon he who needs you most.

Napoleon will always have his Waterloo....

16 May 2007

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