Monday, May 14, 2007

Where There Is Some Hope

While I have not posted in sometime to the Blog, I do have posts I wrote out on paper and never typed. My absence from blogging has been felt. One day turned into two days and two days turned into four and here we are almost a month later and I'm just now posting something new for the month of May.

Life has taken a few twists. I've had some up moments and more than a few down moments. I've taken the initiative to start walking everyday, rain or shine, to improve my weight situation. It has become time consuming, partially the reason for my sabbatical from the "Axe." I'll try to endeavor to write more in the coming days and will definitely post the past twelve or so thoughts I have scrawled on paper.

My cruise departs in less than two weeks now, so unfortunately there's going to be another hiatus to the "Axe," but then again, is anyone really reading this? Sigh. My hope in becoming a WWW mega-blogster are being shot to hell fast! Oh well, if anything this experiment has been cathartic and has been interesting at times. Perhaps the blog will draw to a close after I get back from the Caribbean? It'll depend on how I feel. In other exciting news, I talked to Mrs. Bonaparte to night and she let me know Naps will be in town on Wednesday for a few days. We're going to dinner. Don't worry, the ship has sailed on romance with Napoleon. At this point in my life, I've discovered in the last 25 days romance has probably sailed in my life for good. It's OK. I'll always have myself, so I might as well make the most of my life, probably one of the contributing factors for me to start exercising more frequently.

Exercise has paid off. I've lost a few pounds but the journey is long and the road is rough. I will keep you posted.

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