Saturday, April 6, 2013

Willy, Billy?

I've never been one for dolls, never collected them, never wanted one. That is until the Billy dolls came out. I don't know why, but I always wanted a Billy doll. Call it kinky, but the fact this dolls are 'male structurally intact' is amusing to me.

I say structurally intact because the genitals are a tad disproportionate to the rest of the body. Then again, Barbie has been outta whack for decades. Supposedly
, if a real person, Barbie wouldn't be able to stand. Hm. What would a life sized Billy do? Probably scare the hell outta some bottoms boy, that's for sure.

Like his female counterpart, Billy came in a wide variety of different facets of the gay community. Sometimes believable, other times quite laughable. I did consider purchasing one a few years ago, but thought against it. I mean, how the hell would I explain the damn thing in my house? That and I couldn't rationalize plunking down the greenbacks to pay for one. Billy comes with a hefty price tag!!!

Anyone out there own a version of  Billy? If so, what inspired you to get one?

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Zee Jai said...

I bought several on eBay last year - two Tysons (a cop and a naked one), a sailor Billy, a fireman Billy, and a leatherman Carlos.

They're fun, they make me smile - and an investment! Long out of production, they keep increasing in value.


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