Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Washed Away

It's been raining on and off here in PA for days now. Kinda sick of it. I had a house guest visiting over the weekend who is very unaccustomed to that amount of rain, felt bad, but that's April in Pennsylvania. As the old saying goes, "April showers, brings May flowers." Still, at one point I thought I was needing an ark to get him to the airport yesterday....

The one good thing about the rain though is it's good for cleansing the spirit. I haven't been sleeping too well lately. At night I can drift off easily with the rain beating down. There are moments when I feel the inner child wants just run out and dance it. Not too mature, but hey sometimes life takes you there.

I don't what else to do about what's going on. Just weather the storms of life and try to be as positive and optimistic as I can....


Corey said...

"There are moments when I feel the inner child wants just run out and dance it. Not too mature..."

WHO is to say what's mature for YOU or not! If you want to dance in the rain, then you damn well better dance in it. Tomorrow you may not be able to DANCE AT ALL! Look at the "animated Tomahawk" over there dancing like a dancing fool.

Dance, fool, Dance!

Pharaoh said...

I have to agree with Corey,
IF you feel like Dancing in the rain then that's what you are suppose to do. Who cares what other folks thinks about it....Who's to say that God isn't out there calling you to dance with him? Are you going to forego your chance to dance with God because of what others MAY think?


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