Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Not Feelin' This Shizz

The last 24 hours have been one giant exercise of patience. Mostly doing the waiting game for the Powers-that-be tell us if we'll have jobs at the end of the month or not. Patience is a virtue, but admittedly, has never been my strongest feature!

Last night my financial advisor and brother-in-bizness and I had a long ass convo detailing a strategy/plan of action to manage finances and stave off the potential woes of unemployment. Much of his proposal was sound, good, advice yet tough to swallow. It'll mean plenty of sacrifices...moving or taking on a roommate, selling off goods, canceling those lil luxuries I've become oh so accustomed to having. Such is life. I won't enjoy it, but my friend did the same a few months ago and is surviving the situation with royal colors. Hopefully, I can follow his lead.

Its funny. I've never been in this position before. Feels like the bottom is falling out. I'm not scared. Concerned? Hells yeah, but frightened? I got my friends at my back and God on my side (and front, left, right etc) I know it'll work out eventually. Still, human nature makes trepidation rise at uncertain days ahead. Merde!

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Roger Poladopoulos said...

My friend, you have faith and you're strong. You will survive this shit and be better for the exercise. I know from experience. My feet were in your shoes about 12 years ago. Best wishes!


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