Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Boys and girls, I am tired. Jet-lagged and trynna drag myself in for a half day of work. Didn't get in until 3 AM this morning and am just now getting outta bed. My body clock is so off. Not sure if I'm on Pacific time, Central (due to my layover in Chicago), or Eastern Standard. Oh yeah, and Day Light Savings Time is this weekend! Rah!

Vegas was interesting. LA was all it promised to be and more. The West Coast was a trip and a half. Made some decent memories.Put into motion new plans, working on new goals, and learned a lil something in the process.

I'll have to give a synopsis later in the week, but all in all, time was well spent...mostly intoxicated, but oh well. That's what celebrations are for, right?



Navegando por internet(obvio)Te encontre y no te dejo el comentario en ingles porque no lo hablo....Pero no puedo dejar de decite que eres un hombre.... HERMOSO!!! Admiro cada musculo que tienes....Disculpa si te parezco atrevida pero la BELLEZA no se puede dejar de admirar...Me facino tu piel....Y no digo más porque me pueden censurar....


jailson f. barreto said...

Show, estou acompanhado teu Blog. um abraço.

Scott747 said...

No sympathy for your jet lag. We depend on you every day so get your ass to work and post!!!!!!!

Deb said...

Too bad you're not posting consistently, I have been enjoying reading some of your articles. :)

Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

Deb, I'm just taking a small break because I'm activity pursing therapy at the moment. I shall return to blogging soon though. Keep checking back.


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