Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Mo Damn Excuses...

Baby boys and girls, the time has come and it has started now. Got on the not so-friendly scale the other day and it groaned. Bitch! Um, yeah I knew I was closely creeping up to look like Fat Albert's twin, but didn't think the numbers were topping as quickly as they had. Hm.

Now, I can think of plenty excuses as to why the weight has collected around my middle, but in the end they're all tired lame-ass excuses. Yo Ian! You big sloppy fatso, you ain't hardly cute!

Well, I never!

And you never will if you keep on pace. ....
So in accordance with resolutions and this time oh year and Shizz, I'm starting a new game plan to get my sexy back. (Did I ever have it????) Might be too late to get fit and phine in Oh-Nine, but most definitely by next year this time.

With that said, be on the look out for a new blog coming your way. Oh you'll know it when you see it because I plan to be quite frank and candid with what I do, eat, blah blah blah... Call it evolution. Call it being health smart. Call it whatever, but at this period in my life, I am sick of feeling disgusting and affected by the myriad of health problems raising their ugly head...
Oh! Hell! No!


.::.~*Dovie*Lee*~.::. said...

We Will be looking out sexy!

Toy Couture said...

"Got on the not so-friendly scale the other day and it groaned."

LMAO!! You are too funny. You're a better man than I am. I have no intention on dealing with the evil scale till after the new year!!

Look forward to your new blog!

RichardG said...

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