Thursday, December 10, 2009

Behind My Closed Door

Today is my day off and to be honest, I don't feel like fucking leaving the house. I'm a bit demystified with folk and I need a day to day at home and cool my jets. This holiday season has been an unusual one and for the first time I sincerely get why people get all bent outta shape, annoyed, stressed, and frazzled over Holiday time. I'm so over it. Feel a definite "Rudy Rush" moment coming on... "Tell ''em why you mad, son!"

Too much to mention, but mostly I'm irritated with self more than anyone else.Annoyed with the stupidity I've given in taking people at face value when I know better. So my ambition today is stay indoors and stay away from people, lest I cuss a few folks out for pissing me off. Not trynna be negative, just admitting people have been workin' my last nerve. I'm too nice to call out on others, but dang, let's act like grown as adults here. Please.


Wonder Man said...

get some chill time and rest, boo

Anonymous said...

Take your time off and have a restful, peaceful day.

Anonymous said...

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