Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Blog Anniversary!

It's the wee hours in the morning I and just got off the phone with the CSC. Was trolling through Facebook, making my Happy Birthday comments when I realize its my own blog's anniversary. Wow, has it been three years already?

Haven't spent much time blogging lately, not much going on and everything going on at the same time. Too much drama as my brother Corey would say. It's ironic, because read on Corey's Facebook page that MacDaddy passed away yesterday; his blog was one I admired and now I celebrate my own foray on the web. I haven't been keeping up with the blogs, but indeed, our community is just that much more smaller with his passing... There. That was a tribute of a decent blogger, better than I ever can aspire.

So what does the next 3-6-5 hold in store? Does anyone ever know the answer to that question? Seriously though, I've been at odds with myself about keeping my blog running. I've gotten away from posting much because i was putting so much of myself into Cyberspace, I almost lost myself. Plus when you start to entangle your affairs with others from the Blogosphere, well, what's said offline often needs to stay there. It's been interesting to say the least.

It's interesting when I go through what I've chronicle hear and the lessons I've learned, the ones I haven't learned, it just astonishes me to think maybe there is a bad piece after all. Barring the bad grammar or the missed word here or there, I think I've shown heart and depth of the person behind the words. Must admit, lately I wanted to shut it down. Stop and let go. But given that there is still so much more exploration needed, I will continue. Never said I was the best writer or even the most interesting, but I try to be real here...



photogreg said...

Yea! Glad to hear you're continuing the blog. Happy Holidays bro!

Rudianto Hendriawan said...

It's nice..Thank


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