Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Randomness

Haven't posted anything to the Axe in a few days, been busy with M.A.L.E. and networking. I still have my ear infection which doesn't seem to be going away, even with the antibiotics. Can't anything out the one ear except a constant ringing. Annoying as hell.

Trying to think of something noteworthy to pen, not much going. Did shopping and errands. Been exercising trying to loose the flab and felt sexy again. LOL. At some point before summer is over I'll be heading to Tennessee and Georgia, not sure when. Need to coordinate schedules with my boys. Gotta get outta PA, this place is closing in on me. Wish I had money to fly to Cali, but I have champagne and caviar dreams with a beer and sody cracka budget, so that ain't happening. Hell might not make to ATL! But its all good, because I know both my cats would come up here if I ask real nicely. Plus they knows I can thrown in the kitchen, and food is always a good enticement, right?

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