Sunday, July 12, 2009

End of Days

On the day that I take my last breath, I hope it is quick and painless, noting prolonged and suffering. I hope that is an ordinary day, like any other. No fanfare, no major problems, just a simple day. I'd like the sun to have shown, maybe a gentle breeze in the air. Would like to say goodbye to my loved ones and say how much I appreciated them. Love to tell my friends how important they were to me. Give thanks to the people who gave me comfort and rest.

Do you ever stop to think of your own mortality? I know this might a sore subject right now given the amount deaths recently, but I gave pause today, despite the hardships, to think what if today were my last day. Would I be proud? Would I have accomplished everything I wanted to do? Would I have loved as much as I could? Given as much as I could? Tried as hard as I could?

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Cocoa Rican said...

Strange but I brought this up to BD last night and he wouldn't hear of it...basically I wanted him to know that today I am the happiest man and if today was the big day, I died happy.


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