Monday, November 5, 2012

XELLE "Queen" Official Music Video

I forget where I found this vid at, probably one of the 80 dozen Tumblr blogs I follow..OK I'm feeling this song for some off reason. That and the videos have some the best of Rupaul's drag-testants featured. Who knew Mimi Imfurst had it in her???

Speaking of Drag Race All Stars, this has been an interesting competition. I've called it each with the queens to sashay away both weeks. Let's see who goes home tonight. Personally, I love me some Latrice "Muthafuckin" Royale and Manilla Luzon...LATRILLA! I so need them to make it to the top.


Roger Poladopoulos said...

Welcome back (again)! Missed you, my blogger brother!

Ian said...

Thanks Roger! It's good to be back. Eventually I'll get around to posting what's been up... LOL Eventually.

Pharoah said...

LOL OK I haven't been watching Drag Race. But I have to say I like the song and video!


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