Friday, November 9, 2012

Party This Weekend at 1600!

Since I really haven't been blogging much in 2012, there's been not much political thought on the Presidential Race (and now WIN) for 44! Like most folks, Tuesday night was filled with anticipation, dread, mixed thoughts, and concern about the potential winner. Lord thank GOODNESS there's still some sense in America. Yes there's plenty of criticism of the Obama Administration, but looking at the possibility of spending four years under a Romney Plan (or lack thereof) was a pill our country couldn't swallow. The voice of the people has been heard. Like it or not, you need to move past the bullsh*t and work with the President.

I'm oh-so-glad the President achieved a second term. Hell, he deserves it. As I've plenty times this year, it took Bush eight years to fuck up the country, Obama can't solve it just four! Amen. The road ahead is gonna be long. Who knows what shenanigans the GOP has in store. I image the same old shuck and jive bullshit will continue. Hopefully, President Obama will take a lesson from across the aisle and use their same tactics to get a Democratic Agenda accomplished. The political gridlock needs resolved regarding the economy, unemployment, and general stability of the US. Lord I hope we can get through this! I know we can if folks can work together. It's time for Washington to suck it up and get to business.

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President Barack Obama!