Monday, July 25, 2011

Clot In The Plot

So how did you feel about last night's ep of True Blood? Don't be shy, be honest. Please tell me I'm not the only Negro out there who walked away irritated? Maybe I'm just in a mood lately, but last night the show just worked my damn nerves! Just wasn't feelin' it.

, where to start?

  • Lafayette and Jesus. OK these two lately, IMHO, have become really boring. I could watch reruns of Will & Grace and feel more sexual chemistry than I have from Laff and Jeez. I'm sooooooo not believing their relationship this season, AT ALL!!!! Um, have a sex scene or two or three or four or more! Everyone else in Bon Temps makes time for sex dammit. OK? Real gay couples at least touch in a damn while, but never seems to happen in Bon Temps Louisiana. Aw, hell no it don't!
  • Jesus' Grandfather. Why the implication his grandfather knocked up some seemingly underage woman? Really???
  • I see Tara's on the verge of returning to the whiny, sniveling, "I-can't-handle-life" character again. Oh DEAR JESUS (and not Lafayette's man neither)!!!! OK Tara. Bitch, you a Black woman living in the South. Louisiana. Um, I have it on good authority Southern women are strong and resilient. Shut the fuck up with your complaining, go back to New Orleans and be happy with the life you made with your woman. [Highlight: I am glad you came over to our team this season!]
  • Arlene Bellefleur's "You people" comment. I know the shit was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it wasn't funny! I thought Lettie Mae Thorton-Daniels was about to whup her ass.
  • Now, speaking of Lettie Mae. I was glad to see you back shug, but seriously? Did you and your new husband, Rev. Daniels, really need to coon it up as bad as you did? That whole scene was just mess.
  • The Black Vampire Sheriff. Rounding out my diatribe I was happy to see that HANDSOME brutha who was one of King Bill's sheriffs, but then horribly disappointed when True Blood practically castrated the character. None only did he get debased in front of his peers for his lack of knowledge of vampires being Priests in the Middle Ages but Good King Bill grabs him by the throat, like he was his " whippin' boy." Seriously not cute!!! Why did the black vampire have to look like the idiot and be the example? Whyyyyyyy? I know Bill is the Vampire King, but he didn't get physical with any of the other white and Latino vamps in the room, nor we're any of them portrayed "uneducated" or "naive." This undertone hit hardest with me and if you weren't careful, I'm sure folks missed it. Maybe not. I haven't seen any of my fellow blogger's reactions to last night yet.....
So there you have it. I was none too happy with TB in the least. It was tired. The annoying stereotypes and bullshit put in a funk with my crew of Vamps, Wolves and Shifters...My least favorite episode thus far. Of course, I'll keep watching though.

On a side note, I will confess I did enjoy seeing Eric Northman shirtless here and there. Didn't realize how hot he was until this season!


thegayte-keeper said...

I keep waiting for stuff to happen. This season hasn't excite me like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I thought I was the only one who felt the same way about the last episode as well as the season altogether so far. Last Sunday, I was so ticked off because the episode was not good at all.


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