Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Challenges...Almost

It's Monday morning and I sooooo don't want to get up and ready for work, but do what I must. Still, it's raining here, foggy, and in the distance.... hark? Do I hear rumbles of thunder, eh? Transitioning into Spring. Well I can handle that. I'm grateful that Winter is almost over. The weekend was a chilly, but at least my friend Mister Sun was around. Praise Jeezus!

The last few weeks have been amusing to say the least. Learning some well deserved lessons. Some tough, others I'm gracing with ease. There's a long path ahead, but the path is never easy is it? Somehow, I managed to still lose a little bit of weight during the season, but I hope to amp it up now that the weather is gon' break. Plus seeing also pix of Cam Newton on everybody n' theri grammama's blogs and tumblr this weekend was encouragement enough for this chubby brutha to get slim once and for all. LOL. OK. I can do this!

The sky's the limit.


Pharaoh said...

Of course you can loose the weight...we're all here to support you. What you can't do is right any more post trying to use you cell leave too many typos. a Cam Newton pic on everyones "tumblr" ??? LMAO

Ian said...

Pharaoh, brother o mine...please tell me you've discovered Tumblr blogs? And yes that's the spelling.


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