Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ah Mariah....

I must admit I'm thoroughly loving this season of RuPaul's Drag Race. And I thought the contestants from last season had drama...Hmph. Some quick thoughts.

I'm truly appreciative Ru brought halfway decent big "girls," this season, although Mimi Imfurst was a mess beyond belief. I cringed every time she spoke. Just wrong.

The Pitt Crew boys need to be featured more! Both are sexy as shit.

I hate, loathe, detest, can't STAND Raja...yet her shit is on point. She works my fucking nerves though. Speaking of working my nerves, Delta...ugh! Next. My favorite and hopeful to be in the top three is Shangela, although based on the Untucked footage shown from last night, maybe she's not quite there? Dunno, but all I know she's my fave next to Alexis Mateo, Stacy, and alas....poor Mariah so got sent home last night.

Ru has picked some good guest judges this season, my faves so far have been LaToya, Vanessa, and Amber Rose. But as much as Santino can be a pain, please keep him on the panel each week. I really ain't feelin' Billy what's-his-name.

We'll see how the remaining episodes go, but I pretty expect its a given Raja will also make it to the top. Unlike Raven from last year (who I adore!) I'm not rooting for the "outspoken" bitch this season.

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Mr. Bare said...

i was rootin for Alexis until I saw her lip sync.

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