Sunday, August 5, 2012

True Blood: Everybody Wants To Rule The World

I was disappointed True Blood has jumped on the bandwagon demonizing President Obama. The use of an Obama mask representing a hate group is soooo tacky and right wing in my opinion. Damn. Et tu True Blood? Really?

I've been impressed with the season thus far and saddened we only have three more episodes left to the season. I'm glad they didn't let the storyline with Terry Bellefleur and his former Sargent drag on. The Ikrit demon thingy creeped me out. No more nightmares. Lafayette was a hoot as always..."Why y'all dead people gotta be so cryptic? It's not cute!" 

We were even given a glimpse of peen tonight...first I think for the show, which I find unusual for an Alan Ball project. Usually there's dick penis all over the place. I thought for sure Chris Meloni was a go to drop trou. He did it for Oz... but nope. Bupkis. Oh well I don't watch True Blood for genitalia.

My observation is this season definitely redeemed itself over last. While the Fae/Faeries have worked their way back into the plot, this season they make sense. No witches. No werepanthers (stupid idea). No drawn out crap rounding out to wasted storyline. I'm even enjoying Tara new fangship in vampirehood. The dynamic between her and Pam (Blonde Barbie Bitch, love her) is comical, endearing, and a great conception.

Russell and Steve Newlin? Interesting pairing up.

Oh did you check out young Alcide tonight? He was a cutie. So is grown up Alcide (Joe Manganiello). OK, maybe I do watch for the eye-candy, hm.... I'm slutty like that!

Seriously though, with a few tweaks, Season 5 could be as promising as the first few. Just no one Elitists in Obama masks please!


Roger Poladopoulos said...

About the Obama mask: AMEN!

Pharoah said...

I don't watch it...and I was thinking that JUST maybe I would try to go find season 1 on dvd...hearing the Obama things...swung me away.....why didn't they use wither of the former President G. W. Bush...that's a real scary monster!


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