Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Positive Vibes

I can say I've been in the best of spirits lately! Let's attribute that to a reconnect with my spirit and disconnect to the earthly.

For sometime, I've been trying to make the necessary adjustments to my path to get to a higher plane, somewhere happier and more comfortable. Of course along the way I get some insensitive or brash dismissive folk who feel like tripping me up, but fuck 'em! Really. I might not be my all, but if I concentrate hard enough, work hard, I get there in my own time. Life is not really a race, but we often make it so.

Some days my attitude is the paragon of suave. Hopeful of the Joe Cool. Hip and sooooo sure of myself, yet so clueless. Hahaha! Indeed. It's a good feeling. Perhaps if I take more moments to stop thumbing my nose at myself, I'd understand the search.

Laisser le Bon rouleau de Temps!

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Wonder Man said...

the journey has all the answers


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