Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's Been Going On...

Been a while since I sat down to pen my thoughts on what's been going on... not that I haven't wanted to, but the last time I talked to my dear big brother Corey, he gave me a kind, yet firm schooling. Since that time, whenever I go to commiserate my life situation, I hear Corey's voice in the background telling to "stop comparing." It's halted me a number of times in my tracks from pulling up the laptop and dictating my journey. Believe me though, you haven't missed much.

Life has reach a point where I'm at a few crossroads and have choices to make. Not sure what I need to do, but I'll have my answers soon enough. There have been some trial and error moments, issues that have bubbled to the surface and struggling to make ends meet. As Corey put it, "It's just too much drama." So without my drama, I find I have nothing significant to write about. Not so though.

Recently I saw a blogger posted a video of gospel artist Donnie McClurkin calling gay folks "vampires" and other manner of evil. Now I won't go in on Donnie like so many of my contemporaries, but I will say I have given thoughts on some of his comments and can, to an extent, see his point of view. But one must remember, in his own life situation, there is much self-hatred and disdain for his own self, so to me its understandable why he would make such accusations. Donnie is just as gay as the rest of us GBM/SGL folk. One man's opinion does not make something true or so.

However, in conversation with the ever fabulous Stella Della and the Pharaoh, I've been analyzing the concept of the "homosexual" vampire. It's something I would like to explore in thought on the blog in the next few days, but I need to work out the words in my head. I promise to write a little each day until I get my own opinion written.

In other plans, I'm pleased to announce plans to celebrate my impending 40th birthday have been set....I'm headed to the West Coast to experience Vegas and LA. Wow! I'm soooo excited. Doesn't take much, but at the same token, I do have some reservation about going to the land of "beautiful people" when I feel like a troll myself. It's the weight issues that have bubbled to the surface. It all falls in-line with my thoughts regarding Donnie's vampire remark. It'll make sense once I get into it.

That's all for now. I promise to be more diligent in my posting. Just been going through my changes APU (as-per-usual) and not wanting to come across as Mr. Sad Sack 2009.

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That Dude Right There said...

Oh hell no!! Forget the insecurities and all of that. Go to LA and Vegas and have fun.


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