Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dealing With Loneliness

Originally had this titled "Dealing With Lonely," but I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't proofreading. Naw.

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I'm sitting here in the house. No motivation to go out. No motivation to cook. No motivation to do much. It's just me, myself, and I here. But in that, there is a stillness and quiet as I'm collecting myself and prepping for eventualities. Take those in any number of ways. resolving situations, ending unanswered quests, closing door, prepping for new chapters...

Peace be still, I hear a whisper. And the sound from that call sounds ever so sweet. Beckoning me to reach new elevations. I don't really know what the sound is, just know the melody. Feel the words without hearing the intonation. A part of me rises, glad to freedom's key.

Free associative writing today. Sorry if it doesn't make sense. It does to me. Kinda. Now it's time to get something to eat. My fat ass is famished.


*DELLA! said...


secondn8 said...

diagnose the following: symptons are the last days of summer BUT with fall in the air the first cool morning or hint of a fireplace in the air will have you perked up and on the go

Scott747 said...

It makes perfect sense. Don't do a thing. Just be.


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