Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Reason For Being

For every person who has existed there is a reason for being. Each of us plays a part in the comedy of life. Our role may be a one line piece or maybe an extended soliloquy. Wasn't it Shakespeare who said "All the world is a stage?" No person is insignificant. No person's life does not have merit or value, including mine.

Wandering thoughts about the past and the present, hold me captive audience tonight. So many memories expanded upon people, events, memories gone by. Some days old, others decades. What do I do when both the man and the boy both want to come out of play? What denied experiences are being craved by the inner-child, the awkward adolescent, the naive young adult, and the reserved, conservative adult? As if in anticipation, revelations will shout forth from the Heavens and give comfort and solace.

Living has proved Heaven often keeps its secrets or doesn't have enough to share with everyone all at once. Sometimes reflection spent on mortality and adversity, sharpens the tool, with true rewards gained in eternity's bliss. Perhaps true?

Have you ever stopped to ponder why you are you? What caused your existence? Out of the infinite possibilities, what framed your make up to form your existence for being. Out of the millions, billions, trillions, of people who ever existed and will exist, what significance do we have to impart on the world around us? As mentioned, we have are a part of the cog in the wheel of life. Life is cause and effect and every one has a purpose, no matter how minute. Have discovered your reason for being yet? I'm still picking up the trail and am learning. Keep persevering, you'll discover you yet.

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