Thursday, October 8, 2009

Broken Clocks Are Right 2 Times Per Day..

So I've been sick the last few days and nothing has gotten accomplished around the house, nothing done except me laying around like Jabba the Hutt on my dais all day long. Ho hum. Actually, I crossed a threshold or two with a few important areas. Enough to say I'm rectifying a mistake. Or mistakes. I'll leave it at that. But No, I told Della I was going to sleep. Told CrazySexCool that too, but I laid on the mattress for like a minute...had to raise up outta that bed. But I don't feel chatting no more. Can't call CrazySexCool back because I definitely don't want him thinking I'm tripping. We had a lil disagreement over a topic I shall refrain from sharing. For that matter, nothing discussed today can come on this blog. LOL. It's too complicated to say why...

But anyhoo, there is some good news, another SOMETHING I can't discuss! Shit. Do I need to make a blog nobody reads to write what's on my mind?!?! ROFL. Hm. That's a good idea. But wait, aren't those just called journals???? Nah. Where's the sense of verbal exhibitionism? I suppose there is a side of me that trips on sharing my ups and downs. Hmph. But anyway, all the events that were significant and blog-worthy, gotta stay within their respective places. But I can elude to this much, there is a new dawn (?) coming and with that dawning comes a SIGNIFICANT paradigm shift.

Moving on... Now my biggest issue is wrestling with the decision do I go to work tomorrow or not. I feel better, but I should make sure I feel 100% before I return. What I wouldn't give to be 16 again for a year. No responsibilities, no pressures, men! The bane and boon to existence, right? Fair enough though, you can't fault that which is established and created when you built the foundation on a slippery slope to begin with. So the begins starts with the end. But anyway, sorry, my mind is working in a thousand circles, trying to process several things.

Is New York nice in the fall????


David Dust said...

The fall weather is nice here in NYC - but it's just as nice in Hbg. And here is NYC we have the priviledge of paying 5 times as much for everything, and you have 500 times as many people throwing you shade.

Yeah, I'm a little bit over it.


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